asset owner solution

Wouldn’t you rather see comprehensive risk data than rely on a trust-based system?

The Finite State Platform is the unrivaled choice for assessing and managing connected device risk.

Connected devices, including IoT, OT, and ICS, have completely changed the source of risk on our networks and in our critical infrastructure.

In the absence of security solutions that focus on the true risk factors of connected devices and embedded systems, asset owners have had to rely on third-party risk assessment services or penetration testing to ensure device security. Third party risk assessments require asset owners to trust their vendors to provide accurate risk information, when the reality is that even device manufacturers have a limited view into the vulnerabilities that are introduced by their supply chains.

Not only do these manual methods offer incomplete information, but they are inefficient, costly, and cannot scale with the rapid adoption and deployment of connected devices.

The Finite State Platform changes all of that. We have automated risk analysis for connected devices, giving your team the tools it needs to identify and mitigate device and supply chain risks, all while providing you with comprehensive reporting, compliance monitoring, and remediation guidance.

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