device manufacturer solution

Is your product security program missing the right tools to analyze connected devices?

The Finite State Platform is the unrivaled choice for discovering and managing security issues in your products and supply chain.

Many device manufacturers have begun to shift left in their security programs for all software based products with traditional app sec vendors, but still don’t have a process for understanding and monitoring risk and vulnerabilities in their embedded devices during the build process or after they have been deployed to customers.

Meanwhile, with growing supply chain threats leading to increased regulation, customers and regulators alike are starting to demand more transparency into these devices. Device manufacturers are being pushed to deliver key pieces of information such as a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) in order to mitigate security issues. But without the right tools or a standardized process or format, creating these assets can be costly and can lead to incomplete information.

Modern embedded device manufacturers need the proper tooling to be able to find, manage, and secure the vulnerabilities in their product lines and security patches without increasing the burden on their security teams. That’s where Finite State comes in.

The Finite State Platform will automatically detect security issues and vulnerabilities across your product portfolio and in your supply chain, all while giving your team the tooling and guidance that they need to manage security issues.


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