Secure your networks by securing your devices

Beyond point-in-time-exercises

Conventional third party risk assessments and penetration tests give you a limited view into your device risk. Embrace a scalable solution that continually monitors your devices and allows you to take action when new vulnerabilities are introduced.

Easily Manage and Collaborate

Once you understand your device risks, follow our remediation guidance and leverage our platform to collaborate directly with manufacturers to address vulnerabilities.

Control Supply Chain Risk

See exactly where your devices originate, which of vendors are producing insecure products, and other factors increase the level of risk in your devices.

Radar chart showing a matrix of risk factors
Manage Better

It’s what’s inside that counts

Simply having a device inventory doesn’t show you what risks your devices may be introducing to your network. With the Finite State Platform, you can easily upload device firmware and software patches, allowing you to see a wide array of risk factors, both within your device and along your supply chain.

List of Compliance Factors
Meet Regulations

Reveal which of your devices isn’t compliant, and get to work

Using the Finite state Platform’s compliance features, you can quickly see which of your devices meets all the latest standards an regulations—allowing you to spend less time searching, and more time focused on security.

It’s time to discover the hidden vulnerabilities in your devices

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