Why IoT Security?

On average, IoT devices have 100 times more vulnerabilities than are reported against them, making them the No. 1 attack vector for cyber criminals. Yet current enterprise security tactics do little to protect against an IoT attack because IoT devices are black boxes that cannot be viewed and secured from the inside by the users.


Comprehensive Risk Management & Threat Detection

IoT is improving patient health and revolutionizing population medicine. The explosive growth of IoT in healthcare also creates massive blind spots in security. According to some estimates, two-thirds of IT security professionals within the healthcare industry see IoT as the top security risk. With Finite State, Healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers can proactively manage their risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and detect advanced threats targeting critical equipment.

Device & System Manufacturers

Proactive Vulnerability & Risk Management

With IoT vulnerabilities becoming the entry point of choice for cyber-attacks, IoT device and system manufacturers are becoming increasingly liable for attacks that lead to breaches of sensitive data, unauthorized access to corporate networks, and large-scale internet outages. Finite State offers proactive vulnerability management for anyone dependent upon third-party devices, components, firmware, or software. Our robust, automated vulnerability discovery uncovers the gamut of firmware risks from hardcoded credentials to complex memory corruption vulnerabilities.

Manufacturing and Industrial

Robust Security for the Most Critical Networks

The use of IoT in manufacturing and industrial factories is booming, but vulnerabilities in these devices can lead to a loss of proprietary data and breaches in the network. Even worse, there are numerous examples of cyber attacks against critical systems designed solely to disrupt or destroy. With the Finite State Platform, organizations benefit from unparalleled visibility into their critical networks. Our platform provides a look inside IoT devices—as if they were any other endpoint on the network—and uncovers hidden firmware vulnerabilities, while proactively mitigating IoT risk.

IoT Security Solutions

Bringing Your Security Team into the IoT Era

Today’s enterprise security stack isn’t effective in the age of rapidly growing IoT deployments. That’s because it was designed for endpoints that are fundamentally different than IoT devices:

Traditional IT Endpoints:

  • Significant power, CPU, and memory
  • Can install arbitrary software
  • Are controlled by humans with complex behaviors
  • Can be easily monitored from the inside

IoT Devices:

  • Low power; limited CPU and memory
  • Cannot run third-party software
  • Are fixed-function based upon their firmware
  • Are black boxes to security teams
To use the tools and processes security teams have mastered for IT networks, the security stack needs to be augmented with IoT Device Intelligence. You need to know exactly what is on your network, down to the make, model, firmware version, and software. And you need to know exactly what’s happening inside of those devices. Only the Finite State Platform provides you with 100% device visibility on your network using an agentless deployment model. Use our platform to see everything, know your risks, detect advanced threats, and respond to attacks.

See How Finite State Can Help Your Industry

Whether you're running a complex manufacturing operation, providing healthcare, directing fleets of autonomous vehicles, or running facilities full of smart devices, you have IoT security challenges. Finite State is here to help. Learn how we're enabling different industries to achieve the true potential of IoT.

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IoT Risk Management

Know Every Risk

Black box IoT devices create a massive blind spot on the network, preventing security teams from making informed, risk-based decisions. Don't blindly trust your devices. See through the blind spot with Finite State.

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Network & Device Visibility

See Every Thing

You can't secure what you can't see. Most IoT attacks result from attackers knowing more about what's on your network than you do. Change the equation. Adopt Finite State to gain 100% visibility into the devices on your network, including detailed insight into the firmware running on those devices.

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Comprehensive IoT Security

The New IoT Security Stack

The proliferation of IoT devices and their software vulnerabilities in the enterprise demands a fundamental change in legacy security stacks developed over the last 20 years. Security teams must be able to secure their networks and IoT devices with tools and processes they're comfortable with. See how we're advancing the security stack into the IoT era with the first comprehensive IT solution.

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