Advanced Threat Detection

How Secure is Your IoT?

IoT devices have significant risks. With no standardized security protocols or available endpoint monitoring, IT security teams need a comprehensive network solution with advanced threat detection capabilities to detect adversaries targeting IoT today.

Advanced Threat Detection

Stay Ahead of Rapidly Escalating IoT Attacks

IoT is quickly becoming hackers’ preferred attack vector for good reason: they know it’s a blind spot for organizations.  With all of the protections in place on modern endpoints, it’s far easier to access a network through a misconfigured IoT device, and worse, once an attacker is on a device, it is virtually impossible to detect them until they move somewhere else.  The result: attackers can gain a persistent, stealthy foothold in your network.  For example:

  • Large-scale IoT malware campaigns are growing at an exponential rate.
  • Malware such as VPNFilter is being used to collect data and destroy devices.
  • Nation State actors and cybercriminals continue to use IoT and network infrastructure devices as their preferred access vector to their targets.
  • Sophisticated organizations are being compromised through misconfigured IoT devices (ranging from video surveillance cameras to networked thermostats used to monitor fish tanks).

The problem is: attackers and botnets know more about the devices on your network than you do.

In H1 2018 we picked up three times as many malware samples attacking smart devices as in the whole of 2017. And in 2017 there were ten times more than in 2016. That doesn’t bode well for the years ahead.1

Mikhail Kuzin, Yaroslav Shmelev, Vladimir Kuskov Kaspersky Lab

Achieve Advanced Threat Detection through Device Intelligence

Because your other security products don’t fully understand the IoT devices on your network, it’s impossible for them to determine whether those devices are acting normal or are under attack.  IoT devices communicate sporadically, use custom protocols, and reach out to a variety of external hosts.   The Finite State Platform, for the first time, enables you to detect advanced threats targeting IoT devices on your network by:

  • Leverage Device Intelligence to understand what the devices on your network should be doing
  • Monitor for indicators of compromise using our robust traffic analysis capabilities.
  • Look inside IoT firmware the same way you would look at other endpoints on your network.
  • Leverage our firmware database to detect deviations from baseline firmware images – allowing you to identify installed malware.
  • Deploy emulated IoT honeypots that detect and disrupt lateral movements.

The Finite State Solution

You're currently spending extensive time, money, and effort on cyber security for your organization.  Don't leave the IoT backdoor open.  Gain comprehensive IoT security with the Finite State Platform.

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