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How Secure is Your IoT?

IoT is the future of every industry. Yet, one of the main issues preventing new IoT deployments is security. We eliminate this challenge with the first comprehensive IoT solution that protects your networks and gives you control of your IoT deployments.

Know Your IoT Risks Before You Deploy

IoT is one of the fastest growing and most transformational changes to how business operates. Today, businesses around the world are deploying new IoT initiatives, and most don’t fully understand the security implications.

The Finite State Platform allows you to manage your deployment risk by:

  • Allowing you to evaluate the security of products before you deploy them
  • Providing you with complete visibility inside the firmware – allowing you to explore applications, libraries, and configurations.
  • Uncovering vulnerabilities and working with Finite State to alert the manufacturer.
  • Providing advanced risk models which lead to an understanding of the risks introduced by each IoT device you plan to add to your network.
  • Understanding the data that IoT devices will collect from your physical and digital environment prior to deployment. 
The Finite State Platform

Maintain Robust Security Throughout the IoT Lifecycle

The combination of the Finite State Platform’s unparalleled network visibility and our world-class firmware analytics provides your IoT deployment and operations teams with everything they need to manage IoT risk throughout the entire lifecycle.  You can monitor the extent of your deployment with our network inventory monitoring and rest assured that you always have the most updated risk information, so your team can respond quickly.

Inevitably, attackers will attempt to compromise your systems, and with Finite State, you’ll benefit from robust threat detection and response.

Don’t be held back by security concerns, leverage Finite State to enable secure IoT deployments.

The Finite State Solution

The true potential of IoT within any company is only achieved when it’s secure. Finite State deploys sophisticated tactics that complicate attacks, allowing companies to assess the risk, isolate the threats, and defend the enterprise network.

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