IoT Risk Management

Know Every Risk

Cybersecurity is fundamentally a risk management challenge. Yet, black box IoT devices that are invisible to traditional security solutions create a massive blind spot on the network, preventing security teams from making informed, risk-based decisions. Don't blindly trust your devices. See through the blind spot with Finite State.

IoT Risk Management

Integrate IoT Effectively into Your Risk Management Framework

IoT devices complicate IT security and risk management. Organizations often lack a clear understanding of the actual numbers – and types – of IoT devices within their enterprise, and their vulnerabilities as a vector into the network for cyber attacks. Even once IoT is accounted for, they may have already been compromised by an attacker. As with other areas of cybersecurity, organizations should be using a risk management-based approach toward IoT security, and apply layers of controls that includes proper cybersecurity protocols. But, if you don’t know what is on your network, or the vulnerabilities inside of those network nodes, securing your enterprise becomes a significant challenge. Proper IoT security needs to incorporate both digital and physical characteristics of each device, including:

  • Data collected by each device
  • Network interfaces (Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave, etc.)
  • Exposure to the internet
  • Physical location in your facility (i.e. in the boardroom vs. in a closet)
  • Physical interfaces and actuators
  • Software vulnerabilities
  • Library vulnerabilities
  • Configuration vulnerabilities
  • Default credentials

Ascertaining all this information is daunting and resource draining without the proper solution. Finite State has a robust model for IoT risk that leverages firmware analytics to map IoT device details into your risk models.

The Finite State Platform

Continuously Manage your IoT Risk

With the Finite State Platform, you have access to the largest database of IoT risk data in the world, and it’s all made available to you continuously, right from your network inventory.

  • Our agentless platform continuously monitors your network to identify all of the devices.
  • We present device make, model, and firmware information to you.
  • You immediately see vulnerabilities and risks detected by our robust firmware analytics
  • You even benefit from contextual information, like the external exposure of an endpoint, when visualizing your networks risks.

The Finite State Solution

The true potential of IoT within any company is only achieved when it’s secure. Finite State deploys sophisticated tactics that complicate attacks, allowing companies assess the risk, isolate the threats, and defend the enterprise network.

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