External Exposure

Minimize Your Attack Surface

A critical step in effective cyber defense is shrinking the footprint of external exposure to threats. IoT, by its very nature, expands this footprint. As more IoT devices are added to your network, you need to see from the inside what attackers see from the outside.

External Exposure

IoT Malware is on the Rise

IoT is quickly becoming the easiest access vector for attackers to reach your critical data.

  • Large-scale IoT malware campaigns are growing at an exponential rate.
  • Malware such as VPNFilter is being used to collect data and destroy devices.
  • Nation State actors and cybercriminals continue to use IoT and network infrastructure devices as their preferred access vector to their targets.
  • Sophisticated organizations are being compromised through misconfigured IoT devices (ranging from video surveillance cameras to networked sensors used to monitor large fish tank displays).

The problem is: attackers and botnets tend to know more about your attack surface than you do.

With the Finite State platform, you can minimize the impact of your attack surface exposure with the first comprehensive approach to IoT security.


I saw a bank that had been hacked through its CCTV cameras, because these devices are bought purely on cost.1

Robert Hannigan Former Director, GCHQ
External Exposure

Minimize your IoT Attack Surface with Finite State

Network defenders need to stay ahead of attackers by monitoring their external exposure.  It’s critical to see what the attackers see when targeting your organization.

Finite State fuses multiple approaches to provide a complete view of exposed IoT devices:

  • Internet-scale scanners that probe your perimeter from the outside, looking for devices that are exposed
  • Monitoring network traffic inside of your network looking for external connections terminating at an IoT device

The result is constant monitoring of your perimeter that lets you see vulnerable, misconfigured, and unpatched devices immediately.  Leverage the power of Device Intelligence to stay ahead of hackers targeting your organization with the Finite State Platform.


Reduce the risk of attackers accessing your network through misconfigured and vulnerable IoT devices. Gain the advantage of proactive external perimeter monitoring and risk management by using the Finite State Platform.

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