Network and Device Visibility

See Every Thing

IoT devices are creating massive blind spots on enterprise networks. But you can't secure what you can't see. Most IoT attacks result from attackers knowing more about what's on your network than you do. Change the equation - adopt Finite State to gain 100% visibility into the devices on your network.

Network Visibility

You Can't Protect What You Can't See

From tracking product flow to monitoring medical devices and implementing a video surveillance system, IoT is delivering significant benefits across every industry. But these new devices impose a massive blind spot on your network, with little visibility into what’s on the network. If attackers hack into IoT and use these as a vector for accessing the network, IT security teams may not see the damage until it’s too late. Organizations across all sectors need to drive network and device visibility in order to maintain a secure posture amid a growing cyber-threat landscape. Removing the fog of IoT and allows your cybersecurity defenses to see the critical data they need about these devices and reduces the threat of attack against the network.

Network Visibility

Gain 100% Visibility with Finite State

IoT is challenging to secure because there is a massive and fragmented market of devices, and you can’t see inside of them to know what software each is running. In surveys we’ve done with clients, we often see that organizations can identify less than half of the total devices on their networks. Other network inventory products and network scanners can identify some nodes on the network, but unless you have visibility into the make, model, firmware, and patch levels, it’s simply not enough.  Finite State’s IoT security platform is the most comprehensive network defense against IoT attacks. We provide unparalleled visibility into IoT devices, the software and firmware inside of them, and the risks they may be imposing on your network.

The Finite State Platform

See Every Thing

The Finite State Platform lets you see every thing on your network.  We don’t stop with being able to identify a potential vendor by MAC address or take a guess at the OS from simple analysis.  The Finite State platforms uses hundreds of features across more than 40 network protocols to understand exactly what devices are on your network by showing you the exact make and model of that device.  And, we go even further — we show you the firmware for that device, the software running inside of it, and any risks that it may impose on your network.

Comprehensive View of Your Network

See every device on your network. We let you instantly view, search, and filter by device vendor, device model, operating system, open ports and services, installed software, exposure level, and firmware risk information. All of this is done with a completely agentless approach.

Explore High Risk Endpoints

Immediately see endpoints on your network that could be high risk. The Finite State Platform lets you filter and search by risk level and exposure, so your security team can prioritize their work. Dive into endpoint details and even explore the firmware - all from one easy to use interface.

Complete Inventory of Network Devices and Firmware

Quickly see an inventory of all the devices present on your network. Look at the firmware, assess the risks, and start rooting out high risk devices immediately. Only Finite State provides you with the tools you need to truly manage your IoT risk.

See Your Entire Global Footprint

The Finite State Platform's Exposure View let's you see your network from the outside in -- the same way attackers see it. This allows you to quickly see how the steps your team is taking to protect your network.


The true potential of IoT within any company is only achieved when it’s secure. Finite State deploys sophisticated tactics that complicate attacks, allowing companies assess the risk, isolate the threats, and defend the enterprise network.

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