Supply Chain Security

Minimize Third Party IoT Risk

The most overlooked step in security is verifying and mitigating risks inside the IoT devices attached to your network. Vulnerabilities can be introduced throughout a complex supply chain. Don't blindly trust vendors and manufacturers, verify your security with Finite State.

Supply Chain Security

Secure Your Network from IoT Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Today, IoT devices are black boxes, which means that your security teams don’t know what operating system is loaded, what software is running, or even if there are backdoor accounts. As a result, you must completely trust the vendor to mitigate all vulnerabilities, update their devices in a timely fashion, and provide endpoints with the security they need – a wish list that is hardly ever fulfilled. The Finite State Platform helps solve this challenge by managing your supply chain risks through:

  • Providing you with complete visibility inside the firmware – allowing you to explore applications, libraries, and configurations.
  • Uncovering vulnerabilities and reporting them to the manufacturer prior to IoT deployment.
  • Leveraging advanced risk models which lead to an understanding of the risks introduced by each IoT device you add to your network.
  • Understanding the data that IoT devices will collect from your physical and digital environment prior to deployment. 

With Finite State’s IoT security platform, companies can benefit from the most comprehensive network defense against IoT attacks and gain unparalleled visibility into IoT devices.

Comprehensive Firmware Vulnerability Management

Understand Your Device Risks

IoT devices are complex systems that can contain more complex vulnerabilities than traditional vulnerability scanners can detect. Without a deep understanding of the device firmware, attackers have a significant advantage over defenders. Now, you can explore and respond to the hidden vulnerabilities that are embedded in the firmware throughout your network. Some classes of vulnerabilities that Finite State can show you include:

Hard-Coded Credentials

Most IoT attacks simply exploit default and easily-guessed credentials that users aren't required to change.

Weak & Exposed Crypto Keys

Weak and exposed cryptographic keys cause insecure data at rest and in transit.

Improper Service Configurations

Even the most secure services can be vulnerable if configured improperly. We ensure you're using secure configurations.

Poor Firmware Sanitization

It is very common for manufacturers to accidentally package debugging tools in their release firmware packages.

Web App Vulnerabilities

Many IoT devices run complex web applications that can contain the gamut of website, database, and scripting vulnerabilities.

Vulnerable Third-Party Software

IoT devices leverage are built upon a complex software supply chain, and many vulnerabilities are introduced by third parties.

Insecure Firmware Updates

Firmware updates are the most sensitive IoT device operations, and it's easy to introduce exploitable vulnerabilities.

Improper Account Management

Like any other computer, account and user management is critical in IoT devices. Make sure your firmware is doing it correctly.

Software Vulnerabilities

IoT devices often run complex software, which can contain vulnerabilities from memory corruption to command injection.


The true potential of IoT within any company is only achieved when it’s secure. Finite State deploys sophisticated tactics that complicate attacks, allowing companies to assess the risk, isolate the threats, and defend the enterprise network.

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