Effective IoT Threat Hunting

How Secure is Your IoT?

Conducting a forensic analysis of a compromised IoT device – to understand the attacker, their malware, and what they were doing – is a challenge every IT security team faces. Finite State is changing that with the industry's first comprehensive platform that enables IoT threat hunting operations.

Effective IoT Threat Hunting

Hunt for Advanced IoT Threats

One of the biggest advantages attackers have when it comes to IoT is that even in the rare cases that they or their IoT malware is detected, there is no way to conduct a forensic analysis of the device. Since organizations can’t install forensics software on an embedded IoT device – and lacking the tools to collect and analyze IoT files, look at running processes, or capture memory –  there is no understanding that can be gained on the threat. With the Finite State Platform, for the first time, you can conduct threat hunting operations within your IoT networks that include the ability to:

  • Leverage Device Intelligence to understand what the devices on your network should be doing
  • Monitor for indicators of compromise using our robust traffic analysis capabilities.
  • Look inside IoT firmware the same way you would look at other endpoints on your network.
  • Leverage our firmware database to detect deviations from baseline firmware images – allowing you to identify installed malware.


The true potential of IoT within any company is only achieved when it’s secure. Finite State deploys sophisticated tactics that complicate attacks, allowing companies to assess the risk, isolate the threats, and defend the enterprise network.

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