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Are Your Devices Secure?

Complex, global supply chains are hindering the ability of OEMs to fully understand cybersecurity risks in their products, and making it nearly impossible to properly document and communicate potential risks to end users of your equipment.

Supply Chain Risks

Transparency improves security. By understanding the risk that each connected device introduces to any network, you and your customers can make more-informed risk management decisions. Yet until now, it’s been difficult for OEMs to fully understand all components of its software supply chain, and nearly impossible to properly document and communicate potential risks to end users of your equipment. 

Mitigate Vulnerabilities in Your IoT Devices

Finite State delivers deep insights on risk exposure so you can determine whether that risk is acceptable to you and to your end users.  We start by analyzing the vulnerabilities buried in your connected devices. Automated analysis of the firmware inside your devices provides a more complete risk profile of the device, and makes it easier to deliver transparency to both end users and regulators.

Our platform not only uncovers hidden firmware vulnerabilities but also empowers manufacturers with the ability to proactively mitigate IoT risk. At Finite State, we believe that cybersecurity should ultimately be viewed through the lens of risk management, and that increased transparency into these devices is critical to achieving better security for everyone.

Proactive Firmware Vulnerability Management

Mitigate Your Company's Exposure

IoT devices can contain more complex vulnerabilities than traditional security approaches can mitigate, such as:

Hard-Coded Credentials

Most IoT attacks simply exploit default and easily guessed credentials that users aren't required to change.

Weak & Exposed Crypto Keys

Weak and exposed cryptographic keys cause insecure data at rest and in transit.

Improper Service Configurations

Even the most secure services can be vulnerable if configured improperly. We ensure you're using secure configurations.

Poor Firmware Sanitization

It is very common for manufacturers to accidentally package debugging tools in their release firmware packages.

Web App Vulnerabilities

Many IoT devices run complex web applications that can contain the gamut of website, database, and scripting vulnerabilities.

Vulnerable Third-Party Software

IoT devices are built upon a complex software supply chain, and many vulnerabilities are introduced by third parties.

Insecure Firmware Updates

Firmware updates are the most sensitive IoT device operations, and it's easy to introduce exploitable vulnerabilities.

Improper Account Management

Like any other computer, account and user management is critical in IoT devices. Make sure your firmware is doing it correctly.

Software Vulnerabilities

IoT devices often run complex software, which can contain vulnerabilities from memory corruption to command injection.


Finite State allows you to see what vulnerabilities have been introduced by your software supply chain, giving your team the opportunity to address security issues before they reach end users.

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