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OT Security and Risk Management

Energy & utility companies must continuously improve their cybersecurity posture, innovate to better understand and manage risk, and comply with specific industry regulations such as CIP-013.

Continuous Risk to Critical Systems

Operational Technology (OT) and other connected devices part of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) help energy & utility companies to optimize operations. From the grid to the meter, numerous devices and OT are vulnerable to cyber attacks, which can lead to a loss of proprietary data, power outages, equipment damage, or even loss of life. 



Secure Operational Technology (OT) and Manage Supply Chain Risk

Finite State helps protect employees, equipment, and sensitive information by analyzing firmware deep inside IoT devices — including smart meters, line sensors, and station controls — proactively providing risk profiles to help improve overall security and comply with regulations such as CIP-013.

Reduce and Manage Risk; Comply with Regulations

In order to mitigate the risks created by connected devices, energy companies need the ability to:

  • Gain deep insight down to the firmware level for unmanaged devices including smart meters, line sensors, and station controls.
  • Look deep inside OT with firmware vulnerability analysis to help you improve supply chain security with deep visibility and transparency into the authenticity and integrity of the software running on the grid.  This is also critical for meeting CIP-013 requirements related to the bulk electric system (BES)!
  • Generate risk reports to support continuous risk management. Integration with networking and security products enables swift response and analysis.

By analyzing firmware buried inside connected devices and OT, Finite State gives defenders a tactical advantage over cyber attackers. With deep insight into hidden vulnerabilities on the network, Finite State helps users understand and mitigate risks, detect advanced threats, and respond to attacks.  


Finite State’s platform is the most comprehensive supply chain security solution. We provide unparalleled visibility into connected devices using ground truth data powered by the world's largest library of firmware images.

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