How Secure is Your IoT?

Across businesses of all types and sizes, fully protecting customer information requires a new approach to IoT security.

Increased Enterprise Use of IoT

With the rise of IoT in enterprise environments providing an ever-growing access vector, cyber attacks are more likely than ever.  The rate of breaches in the financial services industry alone has tripled over the past five years. Every business, regardless of size, must protect itself from a new onslaught of IoT malware, bots, and even corporate espionage via boardroom devices.  And, of course, customer information must be protected or organizations can face tremendous loss in terms of regulatory fines, litigation, negative media coverage, identity theft protection, services for the customer, and lost business due to reputational damage.

Reduce IoT Risk

IoT, including vulnerable network devices, is widely recognized as the attack vector of choice and one of the most effective techniques for sophisticated hackers and advanced threat actors. In this environment, there has never been a greater need to improve network security.  With Finite State, security teams can:

  • See every device on their network – down to make, model, and firmware version
  • Look inside the device’s firmware the same way one would look at other endpoints on the network
  • Monitor for indicators of compromise using our device-aware, robust traffic analysis capabilities
  • Explore tailored intelligence about the devices on your network
  • Integrate with networking and security products to enable swift response and analysis
  • Generate risk reports and monitor alerts to support continuous risk management


The risk of cyberattack on enterprises cannot be overstated. Our platform delivers a proactive IoT security solution that detects threats, assesses risk, isolates attacks, and integrates with your existing security stack to defend your network.

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