How Secure is Your IoT?

As healthcare continues to transform, IoT has the potential to turn data into action and promote preventative care in ways that will radically improve patient outcomes. Yet doing so demands that healthcare systems start by properly securing IoT devices, or IoT could end up doing more harm than good.

The Rise of IoT

IoT is improving patient health and revolutionizing population medicine. From increased patient engagement and reduced costs of care to enhanced interoperability with existing systems, IoT within healthcare promises to make major improvements. The explosive growth of IoT in healthcare also creates massive blind spots in security, as unpatched devices, unencrypted data traffic, and more can threaten patient safety and lead to disclosure of sensitive patient data.  

Protecting Patients and Sensitive Information

Healthcare experiences more than double the number of cyberattacks as any other industry. Combined with a shortage of experienced cybersecurity employees, clinics and hospitals must reconsider how they are managing and protecting this invaluable technology. Reduce IoT Risk In order for healthcare organizations to mitigate the risks created by IoT devices, you need to know that your devices are secure.

By analyzing firmware buried inside IoT devices, Finite State gives defenders a tactical advantage over cyber attackers. With deep insight into hidden vulnerabilities on the network, Finite State helps users understand and mitigate risks, ensure secure device procurement, and create a feedback loop with medical device manufacturers to ensure device security.

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