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How Secure is Your IoT?

Smart cities are the future and depend exclusively on IoT. From electricity flow and temperature, to building access and collaboration design, IoT is the cornerstone of the cities of the future. But cyber security risks threaten this future, and all stakeholders in smart city and smart building development need help to better understand and mitigate these risks.

Smart & Secure

IoT is the backbone of smart buildings and modern infrastructure. From smart thermostats and smart sensors to collaboration centers filled with smart devices, IoT is the essential ingredient that makes a building, or a city, smart.

Yet compromised building IoT could leave people and data at risk. Finite State believes all stakeholders should be able to understand the implications and risk involved with deploying IoT devices across their networks. Just as you provision employee computers and phones, so you know the baseline risk posed by these assets, you should be able to do the same with your IoT devices.

Smart buildings need a security platform that delivers a proactive IoT security solution, which detects threats, assesses risk, isolates attacks, and integrates with existing IT security departments to defend the complete network.

Gain Visibility into Your IoT Devices

In order for smart buildings to mitigate the risks created by IoT devices, they need to:

  1. Have an accurate assessment of how many and what kinds of Iot devices they have.
  2. Have visibility into those devices down to the component and application levels to understand if items like the firmware have changes or need to be updated.
  3. Have an understanding of what those devices should be doing and are doing to see if there are some discrepancies.
  4. Integrate with IT security in place to monitor and mitigate IoT breaches.

Our platform provides a look inside IoT devices — as if they were any other endpoint on the network — and uncovers hidden firmware vulnerabilities, while proactively mitigating IoT risk. With the Finite State platform, you can conduct threat hunting operations within your IoT networks allowing IT security teams to monitor for indicators of compromise using our robust traffic and endpoint analysis capabilities.

Buildings may just be getting started with IoT, but with Finite State, they can stay secure and protected along they way.


The true potential of IoT to run building systems is only successfully achieved when it’s secure. Finite State deploys sophisticated tactics that complicate attacks, allowing companies to assess the risks, isolate the threats, and defend the network.

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