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Gain the deepest visibility

Finite State has the most extensive visibility into key areas of device risk that are correlated to serious vulnerabilities and active threats.

Join an engaged community

Finite State has the most active community of device risk interactions happening on our platform across more than 300,000 actively monitored firmware spanning 100+ vendors and many end-user organizations.

Backed by Critical Expertise

Built on two decades of cybersecurity experience serving the Fortune 50 and the U.S. Intelligence Community, the Finite State team of experts understands both the magnitude and the nuance of the issues facing both asset owners and those who manufacture connected devices.

Prioritize and manage your security issues

IoT devices will be connected per minute by 2025
of risk professionals think that connected devices leave them at risk of cyber attacks
surge in IoT and connected device attacks in 2019

It’s time to discover the hidden vulnerabilities in your devices

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How the Finite State Platform compares to other solutions

Finite State

Other Solutions

Automated Risk Analysis
Finite State
Simply upload your device firmware or security patch and finite state will automatically provide you with a comprehensive risk report within minutes.
Other Solutions
Other solutions require cumbersome manual assessments or extensive and costly testing for a single product. These processes can take weeks and results are not standardized.
Continuous Monitoring
Finite State
The Finite State Platform continuously monitors your products and all available versions of device firmware, alerting you when new vulnerabilities are discovered.
Other Solutions
Point-in-time solutions such as penetration tests and third party assessments can quickly become outdated as threats and vulnerabilities continue rapidly increase in number.
Device Risk comparison
Finite State
Quickly and easily compare your devices to similar products, allowing asset owners to make risk-based decisions for their organization and giving device manufacturers insight into their security posture.
Other Solutions
Only understand the security of the devices that your organization has purchased or manufactured.
Supply Chain Analysis
Finite State
The Finite State Platform uses data within the device itself to show every vulnerability introduced by your supply chain, as well as information about vendor watch lists, manufacturing location, and FOCI (foreign ownership, control, and influence).
Other Solutions
Other solutions rely exclusively on vendor data, providing only one small part of the picture and not revealing actual vulnerabilities in the device as a result of complex supply chains. This also requires you to trust the information sent to you by the vendor, which may not be accurate.