SBOM and Connected Device Security

Microsoft reports that 80 percent of organizations have suffered at least one firmware attack in the last 24 months. However, just 29 percent have any budget allocated to protect firmware. 

While firmware attacks have spiked more than 500 percent since 2017, manufacturers have struggled to secure their connected devices and scale their product security functions. 

Meanwhile, buyers grapple with understanding the risks inherent in embedded technology.

On both sides, many along the software supply chain lifecycle admit limited to no knowledge of IoT-related risks.

In our new white paper, SBOM and Connected Device Security, Finite State explores how SBOMs (Software Bills of Materials) represent a first step toward product supply chain security for manufacturers and their customers. 

In this white paper, learn: 

  • What are SBOMs?
  • Why would you need an SBOM?
  • Why is it harder to create an SBOM for connected devices?
  • What does Executive Order 14028 mean for SBOMs and product security?
  • How does an SBOM help improve product security?

Explore this new Finite State white paper today and see how organizations can use SBOMs to examine the large amounts of code they create, consume, and operate; identify the risks within that code, and mitigate the exposures that lie in wait today. 

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