Securing critical infrastructure has never been more important—or more complex

Quickly Address New Threats

Finite State provides continuous monitoring for new threats, allowing your team to act before malicious actors are able to exploit these security issues.

Make Data-Backed Decisions

Our risk assessments are build upon ground truth data. You no longer have to rely on trust and instinct to ensure the security of our critical infrastructure and our citizens.

Executive Level Reporting

Our risk reports break down each risk factor and provide comprehensive, easy-to-understand summaries for regulators, officials, and other stakeholders.

Discovering Risk

Advanced vulnerability and backdoor discovery

Once a device is added to our system, Finite State automatically analyzes it and provides a comprehensive report that uncovers a wide variety of risk dimensions, including: inherent device risk, vulnerabilities and threats, and supply chain risk.

Map of Supply Chain Risks
Supply CHain

Uncover your supply chain risk

See exactly where your devices originate, which of vendors are producing insecure products, and other factors increase the level of risk in your devices.

It’s time to discover the hidden vulnerabilities in your devices

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