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SBOM Management

Manage the full SBOM lifecycle end to end with our comprehensive, single-pane-of-glass solution

Why Choose Finite State for SBOM Management?

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The SBOM Evolution

Dive deep into your software's anatomy. Aggregate, manage, and get unparalleled insights into every software component's relationship and origin.

Automated SBOM Generation

Seamlessly generate highly accurate SBOMs with binary SCA and SAST capabilities, exposing your products' components and dependencies. With a simple upload, get a detailed blueprint of your products' composition. When you're ready, easily export into industry-accepted formats.

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SBOM Ingest Flexibility

SBOMs can come from a range of sources. Our platform can ingest SBOMs from your vendors and suppliers in standard formats. We then enrich these SBOMs with detailed vulnerability data, tapping into leading vulnerability databases to flag potential security risks within your software components. 



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We solve your problems with comprehensive SBOM solutions

Manage the full SBOM lifecycle, end-to-end. 

Know your software supply chain, gain deeper context, and manage compliance with our end-to-end SBOM capability.

Generate SBOMs. Manage third-party SBOM ingestion, aggregation, and product-level BOMs. Unlock VEX capabilities for vulnerability reporting and multi-format export options. Get the tools you need to meet regulatory and customer requirements.

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