Energy & Utility

Achieve compliance without slowing down production times.


Manage product and supply chain risk

See all of your device components, where your code is coming from, and how it could expose you to risk.


Reduce or eliminate manual testing

Drastically reduce time-to-market by automating your testing processes.


Meet evolving industry regulations

Maintain compliance with NERC CIP-013, EO 14028, and other standards and regulations for the energy sector.

Get a free SBOM

Simply send us your firmware and we'll handle the rest.


Expose security issues & vulnerabilities

Discover and remediate security issues such as hard-coded credentials, known open source vulnerabilities, configuration errors, and crypto materials.


Automated, scalable, fast.

Free your processes from costly, slow, and cumbersome manual testing. With the Finite State Platform, simply upload firmware and our automated platform will do the rest. All within one business day.

Control supply chain risk

The use of connected devices and systems in our utilities and other critical infrastructure is increasing as organizations undergo a digital transformation. A rise in cyber attacks on the energy sector has led to an uptick in regulations surrounding the software and firmware supply chains for these systems. Most manufacturers do not have the tools to address product and supply chain risk at scale, and are instead relying on vendor assessments and manual testing which can be costly and provide limited information.  

Finite State’s automated platform gives OT and ICS manufacturers visibility and control over their product and supply chain risk, providing security teams with the data and guidance to rapidly address security risks and ensure compliance to industry regulations and standards.


Uncover product and supply chain risks.

Finite State tackles some of the most complex and daunting product security challenges for connected vehicles. Specifically, Finite State will identify and give guidance on how to remediate:

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