Ship secure Enterprise IoT


Manage product and supply chain risk

See all of your device components, where your code is coming from, and how it could expose you to risk.


Shorten time-to-market

Reduce or eliminate slow, costly manual testing using Finite State’s automated platform.


Instill confidence in your products and organization

Reduce lengthy procurement processes by offering proof of product security and testing, including a comprehensive Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).

Get a free SBOM

Simply send us your firmware and we'll handle the rest.


Find vulnerabilities and back doors

Discover and remediate security issues such as hard-coded credentials, known open source vulnerabilities, configuration errors, and crypto materials.


Automated, scalable, fast.

Free your processes from costly, slow, and cumbersome manual testing. With the Finite State Platform, simply upload firmware and our automated platform will do the rest. All within one business day.

It’s what’s inside that counts

With the rise of IoT in enterprise environments providing an ever-growing attack vector, cyber attacks are more likely than ever. Organizations around the globe are scrambling to protect themselves from the new onslaught of IoT malware, bots, and even corporate espionage. Businesses are scrutinizing their procurement processes in order to protect themselves and their customers from these attacks.

Luckily, Finite State delivers everything you need to know about IoT product and supply chain risk to be found in each device’s firmware. Finite State’s automated product security platform gives enterprise IoT manufacturers visibility and control over their product risk and security posture, enabling them to instill confidence in the security of their products while reducing time-to-market.


Uncover product and supply chain risks.

Finite State tackles some of the most complex and daunting product security challenges for connected vehicles. Specifically, Finite State will identify and give guidance on how to remediate:

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