Manage the vulnerabilities in your connected devices

Don’t Just Trust your vendors—Verify Everything.

Gain access to essential product and supply chain security information without relying on trust and arduous and inefficient manual processes. Embrace a scalable, data-driven solution.

Achieve compliance with industry standards

See which devices meet the latest regulations and guidelines in your industry.

Prioritize and manage risk

Take advantage of continual analysis and remediation devices across all of your products, giving your team the tools that they need to minimize your risk.

third party risk assessments

We provide a deep analysis of device and supply chain risk factors to give you the most holistic insights

Radar chart showing a matrix of risk factors

Expose critical vulnerabilities and threats

The Finite State Platform automatically analyzes each device, allowing users to identify risk across a comprehensive matrix of factors. Simply upload your device firmware to our platform and within minutes you will gain access to an overall risk score, a robust Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), a list of existing threats and vulnerabilities, and a wide array of other factors that affect the security of your device.

Map of Supply Chain Risks

Identify your supply chain risks

Risk is not just about what’s inside the device. Our comprehensive approach includes a detailed supply chain risk assessment, revealing information about legal risk (e.g. vendor watch lists), manufacturing location, and geopolitical risk (e.g. FOCI—foreign ownership, control, and influence).

List of Compliance Factors

Reveal your compliance vulnerabilities

More and more regulations are being introduced to ensure the safety and security of connected devices and critical networks and infrastructure. Finite State takes you beyond the bare minimum and focuses on overall security of devices and supply chain, allowing asset owners and device manufacturers to stay ahead of new regulations.

It’s time to discover the hidden vulnerabilities in your devices

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Creating devices

Manufacture secure, compliant devices

Understand vulnerability impact across your device portfolio

Once your team has discovered a vulnerability, they can use the Finite State Platform to see if that same vulnerability impacts other products across your product line, giving your team the ability to remediate security issues before they can be exploited.

Keep your discoveries private

Each of Finite State’s clients have a Private Firmware Library that is not accessible to other clients. The Private Firmware Library can be used to analyze firmware for devices that are still in production, for firmwares that have not been released, or to analyze existing firmwares.

Instill confidence in your products

Ensure your customers, partners, and government regulators of the security of your products by sharing your product security scores and high level risk information.

Deploying Devices

Deploy connected devices with confidence

Search across all your devices

The Finite State Platform includes an advanced search capability that enables users to execute powerful search queries across all the firmware Finite State has analyzed. Users are able to search for specific device types, vendors, vulnerabilities, and many other facets, enabling powerful correlation, and cross-product vulnerability discovery.

Go beyond pen testing

Penetration tests are a point-in-time exercise and do not provide a complete view of device risk. Supplement your penetration tests by seeing a more comprehensive view of device risk, including automatic processing of new firmware updates.