Continuous visibility into device supply chain risk

Automated product risk assessment and software supply chain transparency

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For Asset Owners

Supply chain risk is critical infrastructure risk.

Not knowing the software components in your connected devices leaves you vulnerable to unknown, unmeasured supply chain risk.


Comprehensive SBOMs & Cyber Risk Profile

The most complete view into SBOM components, limiting exposure to undiscovered vulnerabilities.


Live View into Risk & Vulnerability Data

Continuous vulnerability identification with real time notifications.

Cut down on incident response resources
Scale Penetration Tests
Simplify Workflow

Cut down on incident response time

Pinpoint the origin and scope of risk. Leverage global search to see all devices affected by NIST-published vulnerabilities.

Scale and enhance penetration tests

Expand the impact usefulness of your pen testing activities with a full context view of security issues across your product inventory.

Simplify and solidify your workflow

Optimized to facilitate frictionless vendor firmware acquisition and complemented by specialist curation into action plans.

The Finite State Platform

By providing a comprehensive, continuous view of each device component and its associated vulnerabilities, Finite State helps reduce the likelihood of a breach, minimizes your vulnerability response time by pinpointing the origin and scope of risk, and ensures that you are purchasing and deploying the most secure devices.

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