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Why Choose Finite State for Application Security Posture Management?

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More than SBOMs?

Product and Software Supply Chain Security doesn't end with an SBOM. But, what's next, after you have your SBOM in hand? 

Security alerts when you need them

Get robust, timely vulnerability notifications and comprehensive software lifecycle support. Through our nightly CVE updates, we surface new and evolving vulnerabilities in your software supply chain so you can take action before they do harm to your systems and your business.

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SBOM Management

SBOMs come from a number of sources and can vary in their definitions, formats, and levels of completeness. That's why we offer tools for managing SBOMs at every stage in the lifecycle. In addition to generating SBOMs through binary SCA and SAST, our platform also ingests SBOMs in SPDX and CycloneDX, making easy work of reconciling SBOMs from vendors and suppliers. We enrich these SBOMs with detailed vulnerability data, tapping into leading vulnerability databases to flag potential security risks directly within your software components. 



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