There’s nothing traditional about IoT. Or about IoT security. Finite State gives defenders a tactical advantage by providing deep visibility and proactive protection of every device on their network.

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Your supply chain is complex. Securing it doesn't have to be.

Connected device supply chains are complex and opaque. The wide array of software and hardware vendors, the inclusion of third party and open source code, and the lack of verification processes mean that you don’t necessarily know what vulnerabilities exist within your devices. Even as IoT and embedded devices become more common, it is increasingly difficult for both manufacturers and security teams to ensure that their products are secure.  

Through firmware analysis on behalf of device manufacturers and their customers, Finite State’s platform is able to automatically scan each device and provide an in-depth analysis into the device’s firmware, including the presence of known vulnerabilities, hard-coded credentials, and other crucial information that affects the overall risk of each device.

Finite State Raises $12.5 Million to Solve One of the Biggest Problems In Cybersecurity

Read about our latest fundraise, our plans to expand our team, and our mission to secure critical infrastructure in the utilities, government, and telecommunications markets.

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Huawei Supply Chain Assessment

In June of 2019, Finite State widely showcased our unique capabilities when our Huawei Supply Chain Assessment revealed numerous backdoors and major security vulnerabilities in the Chinese technology company’s networking devices that could be used in 5G networks. The report has since been cited by government officials, cybersecurity experts, and in news and media around the world.

Read our large-scale study of the cybersecurity-related risks embedded within Huawei network devices done by analyzing their firmware at an unprecedented scale.

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