There’s nothing traditional about IoT. Or about IoT security. Finite State gives defenders a tactical advantage by providing deep visibility and proactive protection of every device on their network.

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IdentifyContinuously and passively identify all devices, firmware and software on your network without using agents.
MitigateThe world’s largest database of device firmware helps users calculate, prioritize, and mitigate risks.
DetectMonitor device-specific behavior on your network for attacks or indicators of compromise.
RespondIntegration with networking and security products enables swift response and analysis.

Huawei Supply Chain Assessment

Read our large-scale study of the cybersecurity-related risks embedded within Huawei network devices done by analyzing their firmware at an unprecedented scale.

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See Every Thing

Discover all managed, unmanaged, and IoT devices on your network in real time, and identify details about each device, down to make, model, and firmware version.

Find Hidden Vulnerabilities

Our library contains hundreds of thousands of IoT device firmware images, automatically analyzed for CVEs, potential backdoors, hard-coded keys and credentials, weak passwords, and other code deficiencies. Use this information to understand and manage risk.

Detect Behavioral Anomalies

The combination of machine learning and signature-based rules, crafted by our IoT security experts, detects malicious and abnormal device behavior on your network.

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