Take control of your product security

Finite State automates product security for connected devices and embedded systems, enabling developers and security teams to ship products with confidence.

Nearly 60% of Organizations Say Connected Product Security Concerns Have Cost Them Sales, Finite State Research Finds

Unrivaled visibility

Finite State illuminates every part of the supply chains that create connected devices and embedded systems—all in a simple to use platform and at the scale manufacturers need to keep device production on time and on budget.

Take action early and often

Shift from reactive to proactive and ensure that products are secure by design. The Finite State Platform works quickly to provide you with full context risk analysis. Simply upload firmware images and get comprehensive product security results—along with actionable remediation guidance—often in less than one business day.


Automate and scale your testing process

Reduce or eliminate manual testing. The Finite State Platform scales testing processes throughout the development lifecycle, across product portfolios and business units.


Gain deep visibility into your device and supply chain risks

You can’t protect what you can’t see. Gain access to critical information about product components and security issues inherited from vendors and third party components, including known vulnerabilities (CVEs), common weaknesses (CWEs), insecure configurations, and more.


Shorten your time-to-market

Whether it’s compliance with regulations or sophisticated customers demanding proof of security, we help remove the most challenging sales roadblocks.


Leverage the Finite State Platform

The Finite State Platform was built from the ground up to be comprehensive, fast, and fully automated, allowing organizations to more quickly and easily:

Enhance product cyber resilience

Comply with evolving standards and industry regulations

Create comprehensive, machine-readable SBOMs

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Awards & Recognition

Finite State recognized as a Representative Vendor in the September 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Software Composition Analysis report.

Are you ready to take control of your product security?