Finite State

Built on two decades of cyber-security experience serving the Fortune 50 and the U.S. Intelligence Community, our team of experts understands the hidden risks in today’s enterprise networks, where IoT vulnerabilities are quickly becoming the entry point of choice for cyber attacks.

Finite State gives cyber defenders a tactical advantage by identifying the devices running on the network and proactively analyzing firmware buried inside the IoT devices for hidden vulnerabilities.

We are headquartered in the heart of the Midwest in Columbus, Ohio.


Our Mission

Our mission at Finite State is to protect the next generation of networks by providing impactful security and intelligence for all of the connected things on these networks.

Company Pillars

Who Are We?

We Profess a Collective Duty
At Finite State, we all share a responsibility to customers, each other, and to future generations. As cyber threats mount, and their impact on global security grows exponentially, we are obligated to use our skills and talents to shape a safer, smarter future. The purveyors of the security industry have ignored this call. They’ve shipped point-products for profit while never bothering to address the systemic nature of modern vulnerabilities. Finite State’s approach is more comprehensive not just because it’s a market opportunity, but because we have a responsibility, a duty, to do this the right way, once and for all.

We Are Fearless
At Finite State, we’re fearless in our work because we’re confident in ourselves and each other. We earn the right to be fearless by treating colleagues with respect, celebrating each other’s achievements, and dedicating ourselves to the work of solving the world’s hardest problems together. Our self-interests pale in comparison to our mission.

We Put Humanity First
We know that faceless cyber threats affect real people. That’s why we use a people-centric lens in all our decision making, constantly gauging how our choices will affect each other, our customers and people around the world. We also know that real people carry out malicious attacks that hurt other real people. If any of these people ever become just statistics we know we’ve lost our way. Threats, like solutions, are created by real people. Our human-first approach is how we will overcome all of the threats that exist today and tomorrow. Human ingenuity is key. Our customers put their faith in our people, too—a gesture we don’t take lightly. The costs of a breach are as much human as financial. Jobs, families and futures are exposed to as much risk as financial assets, and we refuse to abdicate responsibility for any of them. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to serve humanity first.


We have worked at the highest levels of national security and the private sector

Our people are the center of our organization and it’s our first obligation to take care of them. They are the unrivaled experts, the difference-makers, the barrier between you and the threat.

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