Need Help with IoT Pen Testing?

Built from the ground-up for the embedded ecosystem, Finite State automates pen testing, providing a single platform to analyze boot firmware, device drivers, OS, components, libraries, open source licensing, custom-built software, configuration risks, and more.

What our customers say about Finite State

"This product could easily save me 1 week of time pen testing a connected security camera that would normally take 2-2.5 weeks to pen test."
"Definitely saves time! Helps speed up efficiency!"
"The tool was able to provide great details on the file structure of the connected security camera's firmware."
"Tool is quite easy to use."
"Upload is a no-brainer."

Penetration testing doesn't always scale. Finite State can help

Manual penetration testing ties up time, resources, and staff. That's why 46% of companies don't do it when releasing connected devices.



Device Intelligence = Informed IoT Pen Testing

Boost your vulnerability detection with informed IoT Pen Testing. With Finite State, know your OS. Know your components. Inform your pen testing approach and save time, people, and resources.



The Ultimate Guide to Connected Device Security

Nearly 70% of organizations surveyed by the Linux Foundation report being very or extremely concerned about the security of the software they use. When that software powers critical infrastructure systems in sectors such as energy, telecom, or health care, the stakes to society rise high.

In our Ultimate Guide to Connected Device Security, we explore the six steps that organizations must take to better secure their products and software supply chain lifecycles.

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Pen Testing - Quick References

How Do You Make IoT Pen Testing Easier?

When you're pen testing IoT, you need a solution that's built for the embedded ecosystem and one that automates the firmware stages of pen testing

A Pen Tester's Take on Product Security

From our podcast! Mind of a Hacker, Role of a Defender, with Larry Pesce, Product Security Research and Analysis Director at Finite State