We are thrilled to announce our participation in the Secure by Design pledge, a significant initiative launched by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). This announcement was made at the 2024 RSA Conference, where Finite State stood alongside 67 other distinguished companies, committing to a new standard in software security.

At RSAC, Jen Easterly’s remarks highlighted the urgency of addressing cybersecurity at scale by securing systems to protect against ransomware and shifting the responsibility for security to tech manufacturers. She celebrated the pledge and its commitment to prioritize security over other considerations like speed to market, emphasizing a secure ecosystem for both consumers and critical infrastructure.

This initiative, marked by its ambitious goals such as multi-factor authentication and vulnerability disclosures, represents a collaborative effort between the U.S. government and the private sector to fundamentally enhance global security. Additional commentary from other CISA speakers and a panel, including major tech companies, underscored the necessity of addressing fundamental vulnerabilities and the optimistic outlook based on current initiatives and future commitments.

Commitment to Excellence

Last week, Finite State signed this pledge, underscoring our belief that software powering our infrastructure must be built securely, from the outset. This aligns with our mission to help our customers design and test secure systems from the ground up, protecting not just them but also the broader infrastructure on which our nation relies.


At Finite State, we take this responsibility seriously and are proud to lead by example. Within our own operations as well as in helping our clients, we are helping to set the standard for a safer, more secure digital future.

The Secure by Design Pledge focuses on several key goals that promise to significantly mitigate some of our nation's most persistent cyber threats. These include:

  • Increasing the use of multi-factor authentication
  • Reducing default passwords
  • Diminishing prevalent security vulnerabilities
  • Increasing the adoption of security patches
  • Demonstrating increased transparency in vulnerability reporting 

Through the measures championed by this pledge, we aim to create and support the creation of software that not only meets but exceeds the standards set by CISA, ensuring that the software that powers our critical infrastructure is robust against evolving cyber threats.

Leading by Example

Our commitment goes beyond merely following guidelines; it involves setting an example for the industry. Finite State is dedicated to transparency and will be documenting our progress towards these goals with the development of our own solution, the Next Generation Platform. This not only helps in setting benchmarks for cybersecurity but also in fostering an environment of trust and reliability with our clients.

Participating in the Secure by Design pledge also means that we are part of a larger community of software manufacturers who are collectively elevating the security standards of the industry. We are proud to contribute to a movement that values security as a fundamental aspect of software development.

Looking Ahead

Finite State expresses our appreciation and gratitude toward our partnership with OpenPolicy and Dr. Amit Elazari, J.S.D., its CEO and Co-Founder. As an industry, we owe OpenPolicy our admiration for engaging on the pledge, providing feedback, and initiating and supporting the inclusion of so many influential and innovative companies in signing it. Thank you, OpenPolicy! 


Over the next year, we will be focusing on helping our clients achieve measurable improvements across their product lines. This includes increasing transparency across the software supply chain by minimizing risk through end-to-end SBOM solutions that support our increasingly interconnected world.

We will also be proactive in our commitment to software supply chain security, making it easier for our customers to reduce their attack surfaces and secure their systems against potential threats. Additionally, our commitment to vulnerability identification, disclosure, and remediation  will further solidify our stance on comprehensive cybersecurity.

Join Us on This Journey

We invite our customers, partners, and peers in the industry to follow our journey as we strive to meet, and support our customers and their industries in meeting, these ambitious goals. By working together, we can achieve a more secure digital future. Stay tuned for regular updates on our progress and insights into the practices we are implementing.

Thank you for trusting Finite State as we take this significant step forward in securing our digital world. Your support motivates us to continuously innovate and lead with security at the forefront of everything we do. Here's to a safer, more resilient digital future for all.