Welcome to part 6 of our series of blog posts exploring product security and the software supply chain. In our last blog post, we covered the fifth step—Response—that companies take on the road to connected device security.

Today, we move on to Step 6— Improvement. If you’d like to jump ahead and see the rest of the six-step process, or even just look at everything, all at once, you can read our comprehensive white paper, The Ultimate Guide to Connected Device Security, here.

Improvement - Stay Ahead of Emerging Trends & Threats 

In cybersecurity, we've seen that the best offense is often a solid, strategic defense. Sometimes, however, it's hard to surface the ROI numbers that Leadership needs to justify allocating resources to combat risk arising from the software supply chain. 

How do you fill a cell in a spreadsheet with a meaningful value when a solution prevents an attack from ever happening? 

How can we show an ROI for the resources we need to stand up a solution that protects your connected devices from risk that bubbles up from components acquired from upstream production partners? 

The security posture of a connected product never stops evolving. Patches, updates, and remediations each adjust a connected product's risk. 

It's the scans of your product's software and firmware, with analytic tools such as SBOMs and SCA, that enable you to track and identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your connected products over time and show the trendline of improvements that a connected-device security solution creates. 

With a solution that evaluates your product security posture over time, you get snapshots of your progress and can see a return on investment on the efforts you've invested in improving your product security and reducing software supply chain risk.

Learn more: Read the Ultimate Guide to Connected Device Security

To truly defend your connected product—and the services it will provide—you need a solution that helps you address, resolve, and continually monitor the risks presented by the vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your IOT/OT ecosystem. That’s why the improvement stage of the connected device security journey is so important.

Are you ready to begin down your own road to product security?


Finite State’s Ultimate Guide to Connected Device Security explores product and software supply chain security and how to identify, assess, prioritize, and mitigate the vulnerabilities that lurk within your connected devices.

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