Happy New Year from all of us at Finite State! We start 2024 with a short announcement about Finite State's new GitHub Actions, now live in the GitHub Marketplace! 

Our GitHub Actions Marketplace Apps are live!

For all of our customers who use GitHub for CI/CD, we have two new Actions live in the GitHub Marketplace! These Actions can be installed in your GitHub account and configured to automatically trigger a new Binary Analysis scan or a new SBOM or Third-Party Upload scan.

The Finite State Actions on the GitHub Marketplace

The Binary Scan action allows all your organization's GitHub users to easily upload a binary they've built during the CI/CD process to the Finite State Platform and run either a Quick Scan or Full Scan.

The Third-Party Upload action allows all your organization's GitHub users to upload either an SBOM (CycloneDX or SPDX) that they've generated during their CI/CD pipeline, or run this action after using any of our 150+ supported third-party sources to easily upload those results to the Finite State Platform.

(Note that these uploads are subject to your sales license structure.)

Adding these Actions has been a major goal for us since we launched our Next Gen Platform in the spring of 2023. This is a big step towards helping your product security team fully integrate with your existing DevSecOps processes. 

Ready to get started?

You can find us on the Marketplace here:

Detailed instructions for installation and use are available on the Marketplace pages linked above!

That's all for this post - check back soon for more exciting information about future releases for our Finite State Next Generation Platform!