You might be here because you've realized that standard Application Security (AppSec) and open source tools can't adequately safeguard your connected devices and embedded systems.

The question then becomes: How do you detect and handle security vulnerabilities confidently before distributing your products?

Binary SCA: The Benefits

Generally, Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools help developers and other software development stakeholders in identifying threats related to open source license compliance and security vulnerabilities before they can grow into significant issues affecting your company’s reputation and financial health.

However, using traditional SCA for connected devices and embedded systems presents unique challenges.

Standard app security tools often fail to thoroughly inspect supplier software and might not align well with embedded development environments. To address this, Finite State has developed an advanced SCA platform that can see into, and analyze, binary components that developers had to previously accept without question.

Finite State's Binary SCA tool provides insight into the third-party elements within embedded firmware and connected devices, linking them to recognized vulnerabilities or supply chain threats prior to customer delivery.

What Makes Binary SCA So Valuable?

Binary SCA is an essential element in the software development cycle, capable of analyzing software across various hardware types and instruction set architectures.

Consider these key factors to determine how Binary SCA can help your organization:

1. Comprehensive Visibility with Binary SCA

Binary SCA offers an exhaustive software bill of materials (SBOM), allowing visibility into all your hardware and software components, including binaries, libraries, open-source software, third-party elements, embedded software, drivers, kernels, Board Support Packages (BSP), and operating systems. Finite State's platform performs both SCA and custom code analysis, unlike typical AppSec solutions which require separate tools.

Binary SCA extends beyond regular app development SCA by analyzing the embedded systems and structures of connected devices. It identifies third-party components in your devices, listing them in your SBOM for risk, license, and vulnerability monitoring. Binary analysis, occurring post-build, ensures greater reliability than source-code-generated SBOMs, given the complexities in CI/CD pipelines.

2. Uncovering Hidden Risks with Binary SCA

Binary SCA enables you to manage security and legal risks associated with upstream vendors and suppliers before your connected devices are shipped. This tool is crucial for identifying hidden third-party and open-source risks.

The trade-off between risks and rewards is inevitable in device and embedded software development. Binary SCA reduces these risks by proactively pinpointing security issues and licensing exposures before it's too late.

3. Detecting Weaknesses and Vulnerabilities

While traditional SCA tools may seem effective for devices, they often overlook:

  • Insecure configurations
  • Hard-coded credentials
  • Cryptographic materials
  • Other weaknesses

Devices, unlike singular apps, encompass a broad ecosystem of programs, each with numerous configurations and settings. They rely on a technology stack including hardware, bootloaders, OS components, and more. Many embedded devices use Real-Time Operating Systems or large monolithic binary firmware images, necessitating a purpose-built security solution.

To identify vulnerabilities in your connected device, a specialized SCA tool designed for device security and binary analysis is essential – a capability beyond the scope of traditional AppSec tools.

Investing in Binary SCA

Interested in how Binary Software Composition Analysis can enhance your organization's product security? The Finite State Platform offers comprehensive insights into the hardware and software components of your connected devices and embedded systems.

Finite State's Binary SCA tool assists in identifying third-party and open-source risks, developing mitigation strategies, and ensuring your shipped products have fewer vulnerabilities.

Discover the full potential of product security and risk reduction with Binary SCA. Request a demo to see what Finite State's Binary Software Composition Analysis can offer.