Join us in our mission

Work at the forefront of cyber security, and help us bring enterprise security into the IoT era. We value our team culture, and we are looking for those that are passionate about cyber security, IoT, and big data. Join us as we leverage massive data to solve the next generation of security problems generated by the explosion of IoT!



Our mission at Finite State is to protect the next generation of networks by providing impactful security and intelligence for all of the connected things on those networks. We pursue that mission as a close-knit team fostering a company culture that uniquely combines the advantages of working in a startup setting with the impact of a global cybersecurity firm.


Our Benefits and Perks

At Finite State, we're not just building the best security products or tackling the biggest challenges in cyber security, we're building the best company to work for.  Enjoy benefits and perks including:

Expert Team

Work alongside a world-class team of security professionals who are passionate about making sure our customers are protected from advanced threats.

Great Compensation & Benefits

We offer industry-leading compensation and benefits including health, dental, vision, and life insurance.


We want every employee to be an owner of the company, and so, you will be, too. We offer generous option grants to our team.

Flexible Hours and Location

We have a remote team with offices in Columbus, OH. We don't care where or when you work - as long as you accomplish your goals.

Free Drinks and Snacks

When you're working in our office, we make sure you're never hungry or thirsty. Enjoy unlimited drinks and snacks, or grab a Finite State brew if you're so inclined.

Flexible Time Off

We expect you to take time off when you need it - no questions asked. We encourage our team to vacation and maintain balance in their life.

Fun Company Events

Work hard. Play hard. Our team needs to know each other beyond just a professional setting, so we frequently get out of the office together.

Free Parking and Commuter Options

Free parking - we have that. We also can help you with public transportation options ranging from busses to scooters.

Work for a Midwest-based Company

We believe that being based in the Midwest is an unfair, competitive advantage. You'll see that as soon as you join our team.

Our Core Values

The more these sound like you and the people you want to work with, the more likely you will thrive at Finite State.

  • Curiosity: We are dedicated to understanding our market, our customers, and the ways we provide value to them.
  • Innovation: We value re-conceptualizing issues to solve hard problems, challenging prevailing assumptions, and suggesting better approaches.
  • Courage: We value questioning actions inconsistent with our values and being vulnerable, in search of truth.
  • Integrity: We value candor, authenticity, transparency, and being non-political. We strive to admit mistakes freely and openly and treat people with respect.
  • Impact: We demonstrate consistently strong performance so we can be relied on by colleagues. We focus on results over process.

  • Selflessness: We focus on what is best for the company, rather than what is best for oneself or any group, and share information openly.
  • Communication: We strive to actively listen and seek to understand before reacting and adapt communication style to work well with a diverse team.
  • Passion: We work to leverage the passion for our mission to develop creative ways to protect the world at large from malicious cyber actors.
  • Inclusion: We value collaboration with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures, embracing differing perspectives to make better decisions.

If you work at Finite State, you will be surrounded with coworkers who are not only talented experts in their field, but are also warm, fun people to work with. We’re always facing new, exciting challenges, and no matter what your skill level you will always be learning something new. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Amy Costa Data Engineer

Cybersecurity is a passion of mine that I fulfill by consistent progress towards solving complex security challenges and making meaningful contributions to the industry. Finite State gives me the freedom, support, and challenges I’ve struggled to get elsewhere.  It’s refreshing to work for a team where everyone is on the same page working towards a common goal of securing today’s complex IoT laden networks.

John Toterhi Senior Engineer

Individual and corporate networks now find themselves on the front lines of a nation-state land grab for military superiority in cyberspace. I am proud to work for a company like Finite State whose mission it is to provide corporate network defenders with the tools needed to defend these heterogeneous networks in the IoT age. Finite State has built an incredible team of engineers who have spent their careers advancing the full spectrum of cyber security.

Scott Lee Director of Engineering

If you want to have a say in the future of a really exciting branch of cybersecurity and work with people who are experts in their fields, then I can’t think of a better place than Finite State.  It’s a great time in the company to have a big impact and solve some really interesting and challenging problems.

Casey Stella VP, Data

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