Federal, State, and Local Government

How Secure is Your IoT?

Modernization efforts within most agencies have led to an increase in IoT devices. If compromised, these devices could lead to a breach of sensitive or even classified information.

The Rise of IoT in Government

IoT promises to drive government efficiency and improve service delivery. Many agencies have varied and complex systems to manage. IoT devices and sensors can improve the monitoring and maintenance of complex systems, reducing costs, and improving agency effectiveness. Effective cyber security is paramount to all federal, state, and local agencies, and with the increase of documented nation-state actors targeting IoT — particularly as it relates to network infrastructure — agencies need to leverage the right capabilities to secure IoT. An attack on sensors, security cameras, or wireless routers can compromise sensitive information or lead to further attacks.

Reduce IoT Risk

By analyzing firmware buried inside IoT devices, Finite State provides deep insight into hidden vulnerabilities on the network to helping users understand and mitigate risks. The IoT era has arrived, and Finite State helps government entities reap the benefits without compromising security.

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