The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it some huge changes for Finite State and the tech world at large. We are incredibly lucky, however, to continue to grow our team as a result of our latest funding round and the urgency of the issues we’re trying to address in supply chain security for connected devices.

In Q2, we increased our team size by 33%. Our rapid growth underscores our commitment to solving the critical security issues facing connected devices and critical infrastructure, our confidence in the capability of our team, and our responsibility to our customers. 

One of our primary goals this past quarter was to add additional expertise to our world-class team of engineers to tackle some of the toughest technical challenges and to greatly improve our customer experience.

We’re thrilled to welcome every team member who joined us this past quarter:

Brian Hamilton, QA Engineer

Jake DeCrane, Lead DevSecOps Engineer

Octavio Pimentel, Firmware Reverse Engineer

Alex Beigel, Firmware Reverse Engineer

Phil Curl, UX Engineer

Ricky Arora, EVP of Product

Kuba Tyszko, Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Greg Gyor, Senior ML Data Engineer

Dexter Taylor, Senior Data Engineer

Adam Critchley, Lead Firmware Reverse Engineer

Ben Demick, Senior Researcher

Dave Bortz, EVP of Engineering

Tim de Waal, Senior Firmware Pipeline Software Engineer