The arms race between defenders and cybercriminals continues to escalate. As cybersecurity expands its capabilities, so too do cybercriminals, constantly refining their attack strategies, exploring new vectors, and innovating their illicit business models.

Now, they're venturing deeper into product security and the software supply chain. Since 2020, attacks on software supply chains have risen more than 700%. 

This expanding frontier presents a vast and complex challenge. To recognize and acknowledge the expanding universe of cyber threats is one thing. Implementing concrete steps to bolster the security of connected devices and embedded systems is another.

How do you transition from awareness to action in protecting your products?

A Critical First Step: Discovery

The journey toward securing products and software supply chains begins with a critical first step: discovery. Understanding your current security posture is essential, whether your connected product was developed in-house or acquired through supply chain partners.

This means asking pivotal questions about the origins of your code, including what was built internally, acquired through open-source libraries, or included with devices from upstream partners.

However, relying solely on these sources poses its own set of challenges. The control environment of external partners, the opaque nature of pre-compiled binaries, and the potential discrepancies between documented source code and the actual code in use all represent significant obstacles to achieving a comprehensive security overview.

Beyond Source Code: The Importance of Binary Analysis

To truly understand and improve your product's security posture, you really need a solution that can deliver binary analysis. Binary analysis allows for the reverse-engineering of binaries, providing insights into software risk in near-real-time and revealing the true nature of a product's binaries, credentials, certificates, and configuration files.

The goal is to see beyond the initial blueprint of your product and understand the intricacies of the product as it exists today—complete with all its vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors. Only by achieving this level of insight can you effectively defend your connected product and the services it provides.

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By understanding the importance of discovery and the tools necessary for deep security analysis, you can begin your journey toward more secure products and a more resilient organization.

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