In the automotive sector, software supply chains are rapidly expanding as vehicles become increasingly connected and their level (and integration) of technology grows. But, as these supply chains continue to grow more complex, cybercriminals are eager to exploit new attack vectors. 

The market now needs new cybersecurity solutions ready to take on these challenges with comprehensive capabilities tailored for the auto sector's unique needs in supply chain transparency, risk management, and compliance

The Challenge: A Deep, Complex Software Supply Chain

Unprecedented change is already underway in the automotive industry. Vehicles and embedded systems form the bedrock of a complex web of software and hardware components, sourced from supply chains that are increasingly global in nature.

This complexity not only increases the attack surface of today's connected vehicles, but it also makes it far more difficult for manufacturers to make sure every component is secure.

Additionally, the industry faces stringent regulatory requirements, such as ISO 21434, ISO 26262, and UNECE WP.29/UN155, making the challenges of compliance even more tangible.

It's in this landscape that we critically need robust solutions that protect the software supply chains of connected vehicles. 

Finite State’s Next Generation Platform: Designed for Automotive Cybersecurity

We've designed the Finite State Next Generation Platform to meet today's challenges for the automotive sector head-on, providing a suite of tools that empower manufacturers to build and maintain secure vehicle systems throughout their lifecycle. Here's how our platform stands out:

  • Unified Visibility & Risk Management: Import and parse documents from over 150 other AppSec scanning tools; integrate upload and scanning functionality into your workflows with our SDK, APIs, and CI/CD integrations.

    With our intuitive risk scoring algorithm and comprehensive analytics, manufacturers can manage and prioritize cybersecurity risks more effectively. This ensures that resources are allocated efficiently to address the most critical vulnerabilities first.

  • End-to-End SBOM Solution: Our state-of-the-art binary analysis capabilities allow for the creation of detailed Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs), enriching them with continuous vulnerability data. This not only aids in risk management but also simplifies compliance by providing necessary documentation in industry-standard formats such as CycloneDX, SPDX, and VEX/VDR.

  • Binary Analysis: By decomposing binaries into subcomponents and examining decompiled source code, our platform identifies weaknesses that traditional scanning tools might miss. This includes insecure configurations, hard-coded credentials, and vulnerabilities in embedded software, drivers, and kernels.

  • Flexible Deployment Models: Recognizing the diverse needs of the automotive industry, we offer SaaS, hybrid cloud, and on-premise installations. This flexibility ensures that our platform can seamlessly integrate into any organizational environment, aligning with each manufacturer's specific security and compliance requirements.

Drive Forward, with Confidence

As the automotive industry continues to advance, so do the cybersecurity threats it faces. Finite State's Next Generation Platform equips manufacturers with the tools they need to stay ahead of these threats, ensuring that vehicles are not only advanced in terms of technology but also in their security measures.

By prioritizing supply chain transparency, risk management, and compliance, we're helping the automotive industry drive forward with confidence, knowing their products and customers are protected against the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Discover how Finite State's Next Generation Platform can transform your automotive cybersecurity efforts. Embrace the future of secure, connected vehicles with the advanced solutions designed specifically for the auto sector's unique challenges.

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