More good news from Finite State! Today, we launched our new Azure DevOps CI/CD marketplace extensions! They're live as of this morning! 

Our Azure DevOps CI/CD Marketplace Extensions are live!

For all of our customers who use Azure DevOps for CI/CD, we have new extensions in the Azure Marketplace! These extensions can be installed in your Azure account and configured to automatically trigger a new Binary Analysis scan or a new Third-Party Upload scan.

AzureDevOps Binary Scan Image

The Binary Scan extension allows your organization's Azure users to easily upload a binary they've built during the CI/CD process to the Finite State Platform and run either a Quick Scan or Full Scan.

AzureDevOps Third-Party Scan Image

The Third-Party Upload extension allows all your organization's Azure users to upload either an SBOM (CycloneDX or SPDX) that they've generated during their CI/CD pipeline, or run this extension after using any of our 150+ supported third-party sources to easily upload those results to the Finite State Platform.

(Note that these uploads are subject to your sales license structure.)

Adding these extensions has been a major goal for us since we launched our NextGen Platform, in addition to the GitHub actions we released in January. This is a big step towards helping your product security team fully integrate with your existing DevSecOps processes. 

Ready to get started?

You can find us on the Marketplace here:

Detailed instructions for installation and use are available on the Marketplace pages linked above!

That's all for this post - check back soon for more exciting information about future releases for our Finite State Next Generation Platform!