In the latest episode of our podcast, IoT: The Internet of Threats, we hosted Dino Boukouris, the Founder and Managing Director of Momentum Cyber. His insights into the complex world of cybersecurity offer our audience a rare glimpse into this fast-paced field.

A standout point from our discussion was the rising demand for actionable data in cybersecurity. As threats become more advanced, the need for comprehensive and precise data grows. Dino emphasized how vital this data is for proactive risk management and a timely response to these threats.


The conversation took an interesting turn when we started discussing the role of regulations in the developing relationship between AI and cybersecurity. Dino shed light on how crucial it is to balance the need for safety and ethical considerations with the desire to spur innovation.

AI's potential within cybersecurity was another hot topic. The idea of AI being able to offer increased efficiency and sophisticated threat detection capabilities added a layer of excitement to the conversation. Dino's perspective on this is something that anyone interested in tech advancements should definitely tune in for.


Additionally, Dino talked about the importance of the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) and data analytics in modern risk management. Understanding the components within software products and using data analysis to interpret this information is fundamental any cybersecurity effort.

Our chat with Dino offers valuable takeaways for anyone involved in the tech industry, from decision-makers in tech companies to curious individuals who love to keep up with digital trends. The conversation provides a unique blend of professional knowledge and engaging discussion.

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