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How Secure is Your IoT?

IoT is revolutionizing transportation -- from helping people stay better informed to maximizing supply chain efficiency.

The Rise of IoT in Transportation

By 2020, Forbes estimates that transportation will be tied for the top spot in terms of IoT investment. While IoT brings tremendous potential value to the transportation industry, with it come serious risks. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently declassified the fact that for several years now, vulnerable network devices have been the attack-vector of choice and one of the most effective techniques for sophisticated hackers and advanced threat actors. In this environment, there has never been a greater need to improve network infrastructure security.

Two attacks in 2017 refocused attention on prevention. Container line Maersk was hit and affected operations for weeks, eventually costing the company close to $300 million in losses. FedEx’s TNT subsidiary was also hit in 2017. The eventual cost? At least $300 million.


Gain Visibility into IoT Devices

In order for your transportation business to mitigate the risks created by IoT devices, you need the ability to:

  1. Detect and identify 100% of the devices on your network – across all of your segments;
  2. Gain visibility down to the firmware level for unmanaged devices;
  3. Explore tailored intelligence about the devices on your network; and
  4. Generate risk reports and monitor alerts to support continuous risk management.

By analyzing firmware buried inside IoT devices, Finite State provides deep insight into hidden vulnerabilities on the network to helping users understand and mitigate risks, detect advanced threats, and respond to attacks.

The true potential of IoT can be realized only when it’s secure. Finite State provides that security.


The true potential of IoT within the transportation industry is only achieved when it’s secure. Our platform gives unparalleled visibility into IoT devices and delivers a proactive solution that manages risk, detects threats, isolates attacks, and defends your network.

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