Eric Greenwald, General Counsel at Finite State and former Senior Director for Cybersecurity on the National Security Council (NSC) hosts “The Internet of Threats”

COLUMBUS, Ohio — May 10, 2022 —  Finite State, the product security leader for connected devices, has launched a podcast, “The Internet of Threats,” now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Hosted by Eric Greenwald, Head of Cybersecurity Policy and General Counsel at Finite State, the podcast navigates the rapidly shifting sands that define this space: new threats, new rules, new requirements, higher costs, lower budgets, and executives who may not understand these pressures. 

As the challenges to secure connected devices mount, each week seems to bring new threats to supply chain cybersecurity. Manufacturers and asset owners have struggled to keep up with the breakneck speed of emerging critical vulnerabilities and regulatory/legislative initiatives such as the revised cybersecurity supply chain guidance that the National Institute of Standards and Technology announced earlier this month. 

In the first episode, Finite State Founder and CEO Matt Wyckhouse introduces the podcast, and the second episode features former Chief Strategist of the CISA COVID Task Force Josh Corman offering key insights on how to run a product security team. In the third episode, Allan Friedman, Senior Advisor and Strategist at CISA, talks about impending regulations and laws that may soon require companies to provide a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for the code embedded in the devices they sell. 

“I wanted to leverage the expertise and experience of the people leading the charge in product security, and make that knowledge accessible to anyone trying to figure out what to do in their own organization,” said Greenwald. “Without visibility into the components of connected devices, and the vulnerabilities associated with them, these devices present not only a huge security risk for the organizations that are deploying them, but also a significant financial and reputational risk for the manufacturers themselves.”

Companies that rely on connected devices and operational technology (OT) networks have begun to seriously evaluate the security of these devices. With cyberattacks on the rise and new regulations being introduced to keep networks and critical infrastructure safe, it’s no surprise that nearly 60% of device manufacturers have lost sales due to security concerns about the products they sell. 

The complexity of these devices and threats to their expansive software supply chains make securing them no easy task. The rapid proliferation of these devices, combined with their technical complexity, requires product security teams to mitigate risks, often with very limited resources. 

“Our goal is for everyone to have the knowledge and resources they need to be able to protect our connected world,” said Wyckhouse. “Whether you’re a Finite State customer or not, we are in all this together. Our goal is to do whatever we can to make it easier for everyone in this market to tackle these challenges.”

Episodes are released every two weeks and each one includes a brief roundup of key developments in product and supply chain cybersecurity featuring Greenwald, along with Nick and Sam Vidovich — brothers and product security experts who have worked together at Finite State almost since its inception. 


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