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Finite State analyzes firmware deep inside IoT devices, providing insight into vulnerabilities on your network that traditional security approaches overlook.


Firmware visibility is the critical first step in IoT security

Finite State has developed the world’s largest automated firmware analysis platform, Iotasphere, which analyzes embedded device firmware at massive scale. By looking deep inside IoT devices, Finite State provides insight into vulnerabilities on your network that traditional security approaches overlook. While many solutions promise visibility, simply knowing basic information about a device is not enough. With Iotasphere, users can gain a more complete view of every device on their network, including the make, model, and critical details about the firmware running on those devices.

Ultimately, device manufacturers must be held accountable for building more secure devices. Until then, deep insight into device vulnerabilities is critical to mitigate risk and avoid harm.

With Iotasphere, users can better understand and manage risks on their network.

  • Automatically analyze firmware for potential backdoors, hard-coded keys and credentials, weak passwords, and other code deficiencies
  • Uncover published vulnerabilities (CVEs) hidden within these firmware images, as well as previously-unknown CVEs hidden in firmware libraries
  • Find 0-day vulnerabilities
  • Understand the quality of security engineering
  • Generate reports to share with your vendors
  • Upload new firmware and get a device-specific vulnerability report in minutes

Our library contains hundreds of thousands of IoT device firmware images, and we collect more every day.


Security doesn’t end with visibility. It starts there. 

Most cyber attacks are successful simply because they know more about the hidden vulnerabilities on your network than you do.  Finite State uses advanced machine learning to provides deep visibility into every device on your network, including the make, model, and detailed insight into the firmware running on those devices.

  • Discover all managed, unmanaged, and IoT devices on your network in real time
  • Identify details about each device, down to make, model, and firmware version
  • Automatically categorizes devices for streamlined operations
  • Powered by passive network sensors, as well as technology integrations with your existing solutions such as ServiceNow, Cisco ISE, Infoblox, and more


Attackers need only one trivial vulnerability to enter your network.

With the world’s largest database of device firmware, which has been processed by our automated vulnerability discovery pipeline, Finite State gives defenders a tactical advantage. With Finite State for proactive protection of every device on the network, users can prioritize risk, implement controls, and take informed actions.

Understand and Manage Risk

  • Concise per-device risk scoring allows you to focus on your most vulnerable assets
  • Risk scoring calculated based on three primary factors: product vulnerabilities, network context, and configuration options
  • Gain comprehensive insight into device-specific risks, including hidden CVEs within firmware libraries, configuration-related vulnerabilities (like hard-coded credentials), and zero-day vulnerabilities.


Traditional endpoint intrusion detection models do not apply to IoT devices

While it’s perfectly normal for a user laptop to connect into a server using ssh, that same behavior from your printer, security camera, or medical device is an indicator of compromise. Finite State applies device-aware behavioral analytics and machine learning to monitor each device’s unique behavior on your network for evidence of attacks.

Detect Behavioral Anomalies.

  • Detects malicious and abnormal device behavior on your network
  • Analysis combines machine learning and signature-based rules crafted by our IoT security experts
  • Severity-ranked alerts allow for efficient triage and integrate with your existing incident response program


Even the most secure environments can be compromised

Defenders must detect and respond to minimize damage. Finite State integrates with SIEM and other incident response tools, enabling device-aware analysis to help you quickly recover. NAC integration enables per-device control and isolation while investigating compromise, and our historical network activity for every device enables post-incident network forensics.

Respond Quickly

  • Quickly recover from cyber intrusion with device-aware analysis that integrates with SIEM and other incident response tools
  • NAC integration enables per-device control and isolation while investigating compromise
  • Conduct post-incident network forensics with historical network activity for every device

Finite State Platform Features

Gain Unparalleled Visibility

Identify 100% of your network assets - down to the make, model, and OS - powered by the intelligence of Iotasphere.

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Manage Hidden Risks

Manage your IoT risk using our continuously running firmware analytics. Instantly and passively discover vulnerabilities.

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Detect Advanced Threats

Identify advanced IoT attacks using traffic analysis and device-aware network analytics.

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Respond to Attacks

Respond to incidents and hunt for threats within your IoT infrastructure using the power of Iotasphere.

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Verify Device Security

Don’t blindly trust your device vendors - verify the security of your devices by leveraging the power of Iotasphere.

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Maintain Compliance

Don't let IoT push you out of compliance. Ensure your devices comply with current and upcoming policies.

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Gain the visibility and control you need to secure your organization in the IoT era. Reach out today to learn how Finite State can mitigate your IoT risks.

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