Our Platform is the most comprehensive network defense against IoT vulnerabilities. It provides unparalleled visibility into IoT devices and delivers a proactive solution that detects and assesses risk, isolates attacks, alerts your team, and defends your network.


Black Box Endpoints

You can’t monitor what’s happening inside IoT devices. There’s no way to truly know what risks they pose -- knowing what data is collected, detecting malware, seeing backdoor attacks, or even finding unauthorized accounts.

Simply keeping devices updated with manufacturer patches (if they exist) is daunting.

Traditional network traffic analysis approaches miss attacks, because IoT network traffic is unpredictable and often uses specialized protocols.

Security Camera

Risk Level: High

Security cameras - traditionally under the control of the physical security team - are quickly becoming some of the riskiest devices on your network due to numerous vulnerabilities, privileged network position, and sensitive data collection.

Room Automation

Risk Level: High

Hackers are publicly demonstrating attacks against room automation systems that enable network pivots and even recording and exfiltration of room audio. Backdoor accounts, software vulnerabilities, and poor authentication have been found across several vendors.

Smart Speaker

Risk Level: High

Smart Speakers are invading enterprises as part of their overall 187% growth rate in 2018. The problem: smart speakers can be hacked and turned into a robust spy tool that collects room audio and enables pivots to other parts of your network.

Smart Thermostat

Risk Level: Medium

Smart thermostats are starting to face an onslaught of threats: from malware and botnets to ransomware and sophisticated surveillance tools. Like other IoT devices, they contain exploitable vulnerabilities and may sit on privileged network segments.

Smart TV

Risk Level: Medium-High

Smart TVs are being deployed across most enterprises without much forethought related to security. What most organizations don't realize: Smart TVs have microphones, cameras, contain exploitable vulnerabilities, and sit in some of your most sensitive meeting locations.

Network Printer

Risk Level: Medium-High

Printers have long been a favorite target of advanced attackers -- they rarely get updated and sensitive company documents flow through them. Printers now have full web servers and complex operating systems that often contain vulnerabilities.

The Finite State Platform

Bring your Security Stack into the IoT Era

Today’s enterprise security stack isn’t effective in the age of rapidly growing IoT deployments.  That’s because it was designed for endpoints that are fundamentally different than IoT devices:

Traditional IT Endpoints:

  • Significant power, CPU, and memory
  • Can install arbitrary software
  • Are controlled by humans with complex behaviors
  • Can be easily monitored from the inside

IoT Devices:

  • Low power. Limited CPU and memory
  • Cannot run 3rd party software
  • Are fixed-function based upon their firmware
  • Are black boxes to security teams

To use the tools and processes security teams have mastered for IT networks, the security stack needs to be augmented with IoT Device Intelligence.  You need to know exactly what is on your network — down to the make, model, firmware version, and software.  And, you need to know exactly what’s happening inside of those devices.

Only the Finite State Platform provides you with 100% device visibility on your network using an agentless deployment model.  Use our platform to see everything, know your risks, detect advanced threats, and respond to attacks.

Asset Discovery and Visibility

Unprecedented Visibility of IoT Devices, Firmware, and Services

Look inside your devices as if they were any other endpoint on your network, uncover hidden firmware vulnerabilities, and take proactive steps to mitigate risks.

Device Risk Analytics

Leverage the world’s largest IoT risk database to stay ahead of attackers

Uncover and monitor your network for software, configuration, library, and cryptographic vulnerabilities, as well as default credentials and back doors.

External Exposure

Detect Advanced Threats

IoT devices have significant risks. With no standard protocols or available endpoint monitoring, IT security teams need a comprehensive network solution with advanced threat detection capabilities to detect adversaries targeting IoT today.


Finite State Platform Features

Gain Unparalleled Visibility

Identify 100% of your network assets - down to the make, model, and OS - powered by the intelligence of Iotasphere.

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Manage Hidden Risks

Manage your IoT risk using our continuously running firmware analytics. Instantly and passively discover vulnerabilities.

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Detect Advanced Threats

Identify advanced IoT attacks using traffic analysis and device-aware network analytics.

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Minimize External Exposure

Continuously monitor your perimeter through our internet-scale monitoring system.

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Respond to Attacks

Respond to incidents and hunt for threats within your IoT infrastructure using the power of Iotasphere.

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Enable New IoT Deployments

Uncover vulnerabilities, manage your risks, and work with vendors to proactively protect your IoT investments.

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Verify Device Security

Don’t blindly trust your device vendors - verify the security of your devices by leveraging the power of Iotasphere.

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Maintain Compliance

Don't let IoT push you out of compliance. Ensure your devices comply with current and upcoming policies.

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Enable your Red Team

Enable your Red Teams to test the preferred attack vectors of your adversaries in a safe and reliable manner.


Gain the visibility and control you need to secure your organization in the IoT era. Reach out today to learn how Finite State can mitigate your IoT risks.

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