The IoT Era. Secured.

Finite State analyzes firmware deep inside IoT devices, providing insight into vulnerabilities on your network that traditional security approaches overlook.

Securing Your Supply Chain

Supply chains for connected devices are hugely complex. Whether it’s a security camera, a building control system, a piece of operational technology, or a medical device, security teams will encounter the same issue again and again: they do not know exactly what is inside their devices, and therefore cannot know how secure they are. 

This lack of transparency stems from the device’s supply chain: the wide array of software and hardware vendors, the inclusion of third party and open source code, and the lack of verification processes make it extremely difficult to verify the authenticity and integrity of the firmware in these devices at scale. 

Finite State’s cutting edge platform analyzes device firmware quickly and at scale, empowering security teams for both device manufacturer’s and their customers to ensure that their products are secure.

Firmware visibility is the critical first step in connected device security

Finite State has developed a platform that utilizes the world’s largest automated firmware analysis database, Iotasphere. By looking deep inside IoT devices, Finite State provides insight into vulnerabilities on your network that traditional security approaches overlook. After users upload firmware to our platform, Iotasphere automatically generates a comprehensive risk report for each device firmware, which includes:

  • An overall risk score, generated using our Iotasphere database
  • A robust Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)
  • A list of known CVEs and zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Potential backdoors, hard-coded keys and credentials, weak passwords, and other code deficiencies
  • Unsafe function calls
  • Potential memory corruptions
  • and numerous other risk factors

Our library contains hundreds of thousands of IoT device firmware images, and we collect more every day.