Reason 1: Software Supply Chain Security

Why opt for Finite State for your Software Supply Chain Security? Finite State enables you to protect your software from inception to deployment, addressing risks from third-party sources and adapting to new cyber threats as they emerge and evolve. 

Tools for Assessing Vendor Risk

Securing your software is essential, but it's equally important to ensure that software supply chain partners adhere to your security standards. Finite State allows you to efficiently evaluate, track, and control the risks associated with your vendors.

Risk Management Informed by Data

Using metrics to outline a definitive security framework assists in developing strategies for risk management. This approach fosters proactive decision-making and reduces potential risks in software development. Our advanced dashboards transform this data into practical steps for managing risks.

Managing Risk Exposure

Reduce your exposure to software supply chain risks. Our system automates the mapping of vulnerabilities in software components, enhanced with up-to-date threat intelligence from over 200 sources.

Assessing Impact and Monitoring Risk Trends

Quantify risk levels across different software products. Our platform identifies trends and improves processes, continually adapting to meet your security requirements.

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Reason 2: SBOM Management

Why select Finite State for managing your SBOMs? Finite State delivers a holistic solution that covers the entire SBOM lifecycle through a unified interface that brings you single-pane-of-glass visibility.

Ongoing Monitoring

Stay alert and ahead with our platform that constantly checks various sources to identify and alert you about new or changing vulnerabilities affecting your SBOMs.

Automated Detection and Reporting of Vulnerabilities

Keep vulnerabilities at bay with our automated systems that correlate and report vulnerabilities across all SBOMs, aiding in the mitigation of both exploited and emerging zero-day vulnerabilities.

Effortless Documentation Production and Sharing

Access and utilize SPDX, CycloneDX, VEX, and VDR documents for communication with regulators, customers, or suppliers. Finite State ensures that all stakeholders are well-informed and engaged, facilitating discussions on vulnerabilities and coordinated response strategies.

In-Depth SBOM Management

Identify the components within your portfolio and their relationships with our comprehensive SBOM management capabilities. Easily import, create, and merge SBOMs to gain comprehensive visibility into the supply chain of your portfolio.

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Reason 3: Product Security Incident Response

Why rely on Finite State for Product Security Incident Response? Finite State revolutionizes incident response with comprehensive tools for correlating vulnerabilities, analyzing risks, setting priorities, and ensuring ongoing continuous improvement.

Proactive Detection Tools

Our platform's ongoing updates on vulnerability intelligence rapidly uncover threats to your products, providing risk socring and details on exploitability to facilitate quick action.

Detailed Impact Analysis

Leverage our advanced binary SCA and SAST capabilities, combined with the latest in vulnerability intelligence, risk scoring, and prioritization tools, to obtain a thorough understanding of risks throughout your product portfolio, aiding in smarter decision-making.

Integrated Vulnerability Triage

Our integrated system for vulnerability triage includes scoring, prioritization, and status updates, creating an efficient process for your team to address critical vulnerabilities quickly. These statuses are aligned with VEX standards for straightforward export of vulnerability documentation.

Streamlined Vulnerability Documentation

Vulnerability statuses conform to the VEX standard, ensuring seamless generation of VEX documents. Facilitate easy sharing of VEX and VDR documents alongside your SBOMs with internal teams, clients, or regulatory bodies for effective communication.

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Reason 4: Vulnerability Management

Why choose for Finite State for Vulnerability Management? With Finite State, you can consolidate vast vulnerability insights into a comprehensive, actionable risk management strategy.

Deep Binary Analysis

Our sophisticated binary analysis technology detects components within a software build, beyond mere source code, providing a fuller picture of your software's composition and enhancing the accuracy of your identification of vulnerabilities.

Unified Security Data Management Platform

Integrating security data from various sources, both internal and external, can be challenging. Our centralized system simplifies the integration and management of all your security data.

Broad Tool Integration

Our platform supports a wide array of data sources, capable of integrating and interpreting data from more than 150 different security tools, presenting a consolidated security environment overview.

Interactive Reporting and Analytics

Utilize our interactive reporting features to convert data into actionable insights. These capabilities help you generate clear, actionable intelligence that propels your vulnerability management strategies.

Sophisticated Risk Prioritization Model

Focus on the most critical issues with our advanced risk prioritization model, which helps guide your remediation efforts and manage risks more effectively.

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Reason 5: Application Security Posture Management

Why select Finite State for Application Security Posture Management? Finite State enhances your product security with a comprehensive platform that consolidates data from all of your many tools.

Comprehensive Portfolio Management Tools

Obtain a comprehensive overview of the security posture of your entire product portfolio, ensuring everything from software supply chain transparency to vulnerability management remains under watchful eyes.

Regulatory Compliance Management

Ensure your security measures align with industry standards and regulations. Our platform not only strengthens your product security but also ensures compliance, protecting against both legal and reputational risks.

Continuous Monitoring

Leverage our robust analytics tools to continuously measure and improve your risk management strategies based on data, aiming for a strategic and effective approach to software security.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Our platform features user-friendly dashboards and an extensive, searchable database of component and vulnerability information, providing all necessary tools to assess the risks across your portfolio or address specific issues.

Dynamic Risk Management

Efficiently identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and prioritize and implement effective mitigation strategies to ensure the integrity of your products.

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Reason 6: Software Component Licensing Risk Management

Why select Finite State for managing licensing risks in software components? While open source components accelerate software development, unnoticed licenses can lead to expensive legal issues.

Ongoing Intelligence Gathering

Our platform continuously scans the risk environment, updating your SBOMs with current information on potential licensing risks, keeping you well ahead of possible complications.

Simplified Documentation Export

Look to SPDX, CycloneDX, VEX, and VDR documents to maintain clear communication with suppliers, regulators, or customers, ensuring everyone is well-informed.

Automated Threat and Vulnerability Detection

Our system consistently updates its intelligence to detect vulnerabilities, automatically linking these emerging threats to the specific components in your SBOMs.

Compliance Tracking Dashboard

Our dashboard is designed for clarity and ease of use, allowing you to efficiently track your portfolio’s composition, assess licensing risks, and verify compliance status.
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